Crash! Boom! Bang! and 20 Crypto Jokes

What an eventful, volatile week this has been. After Bitcoin mining difficulty and hashrate hit new highs, Bitcoin dropped suddenly to January lows, with altcoins suffering major losses, and then it crashed to USD 5,000 levels, and crypto exchanges had to make emergency moves to deal with disrupted transactions. Meanwhile, analysts said coronavirus fears impacted the price when it dropped first, while some traders believed that PlusToken might’ve been behind this, which still has BTC 61,229 undistributed. And while BAT outperformed Bitcoin at a major parnership news, IOTA’s co-founder said he’ll personally repay the victims of the recent hack, and the mainnet was switched back on. Meanwhile, Ethereum locked in DeFi was rising, while flash loan holes are being plugged and MakerDAO raised the governance delay, but following the market crash, DeFi went through its own major turbulence.

That’s not all. There were reports that ‘old’ Binance users from the U.S. can still use it, Chinese blockchain pilot processed USD 56 million worth of international trade, suspected Coincheck hackers were arrested after selling XEM for Bitcoin, and Samsung told us in which countries its Blockchain Keystore is available. Also, WeMade Tree will release two new major blockchain-powered mobile gaming titles, an Ethereum-based platform offers blockchain and crypto eductional services for teachers and students in coronavirus lockdown, and the CEO of Torus Labs was diagnosed with Covid-19, warning attendees of two Ethereum conferences to get tested. Finally, 10 crypto minds shared their opinions on the post-crash BTC and the coin’s future, while many bitcoiners pointed towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s laugh at some week-appropriate jokes now. We definitely deserve it.

Had to step out, did I miss something?


You also had the same joke, right?

I thought the BTC halving wasn’t happening until May? from r/CryptoCurrency


Bears can’t get into your hardware wallet! Unless you let them there.

Storing altcoins in a Trezor.

— Brad Mills (now buying BTC) 🔑 (@bradmillscan)


Wait, what happened to the bulls?

Bulls right now 🌵

— TEDDY (₿) (@TeddyCleps) March 12, 2020


Let’s check out some reactions. Some hold their breath…


…Others smile through the pain.


Dedicated to those who buy high.


Speaking of buying crypto…

It's over #CoronavirusPandemic

— CryptoChimp (@Cryptanzee) March 12, 2020


How’s empty bank account an excuse for not buying more crypto?

Sure from r/Bitcoin


Aaand, begin!

never let a good crisis go to waste

this is your chance to tweet that you lost your entire stash and undo a decade of bad opsec

— Udi Wertheimer〔🧱½🎉〕 (@udiWertheimer) March 13, 2020


Aaah, there we go! Just needed to connect them dotes, you silly analysts.

Greetings from wuhan $btc

— Turnip [ DEPUTY BERA ] (@TurnipShortLife) March 13, 2020


Another dot has been connected.

@zackvoell Craig Wright created it.

— ₿it ₿allin (@BitBallin)


Speaking of viruses and dark humor.


— CryptoGainz (@CryptoGainz1) March 11, 2020


Here’s another case. This one’s allegedly in a possession of an engine.

BREAKING: Arthur Hayes has contracted Covid-19 and has gone into self-isolation and has taken the Bitmex engine along with him.

— glimmery (@Glimmerycoin) March 13, 2020


Absurd things banks say to a crypto owner.

Uh oh, my bank just emailed me to say stay calm during volatile markets.

— Samson Mow (@Excellion) March 11, 2020


The world has seen stranger things.

— Devchart (Andre) (@devchart) March 9, 2020



congrats @econoar and @sassal0x , seriously

— Will Foxley (@wsfoxley)

But, since BTC is down, it’s a good chance to buy.



@Ragnarly It’s an app for buying gun cases

— Justin Moon (@_JustinMoon_)


Can we get somebody on this quickly, please?

We need pics like this for the crypto community when we have a 10% down day.

— eric.eth (@econoar) March 8, 2020


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