What is the unique RJV12 algorithm?

The RJV12 algorithm is a way for analyzing and predicting the cost forecast of securities, shares, and cryptocurrencies. It was developed in the summer 2019 by a group of scientists from the Oxford University along with analysts from Trust Capital.

Initially, the goal of the joint action was to create an AI (artificial intelligence) that would independently predict the situation, but after several years of failed affords, the project team refocus the attention. 

It was decided not to teach AI to make decisions on its own, but to set the goal of developing a universal algorithm for predicting the cost forecast , based on which analysts themselves would predict the “bullish” or “bearish” scenario of a particular security.

In the summer 2019, a team of scientists and financial analysts successfully completed work on the algorithm, they managed to achieve phenomenal results. Based on the RJV12 algorithm, the accuracy of analyst’s forecasts from Trust Capital reached an incredible 97.6%.

After several months of testing the algorithm on the crypto market, in January 2020, Trust Capital opened a website where any investor from anywhere in the world can invest and increase their capital.

Because of the algorithm, analysts predicted the minimum drop of bitcoin on the 12 March 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic with an accuracy of up to an hour. 

During the first days of work, more than $ 10 million was invested in the platform.

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